Villa Sigma

Rupelmonde, Belgium


Villa Sigma, is a combination of a villa with an office and an apartment for a couple with their daughter in her twenties. It is situated in a park of 35,000 m2 with a large pond. Due to the large scale of the site and its location on the Scheldt in floodable area, we chose to set a large volume on legs. Also, by doing this, we could offer them a view towards the Scheldt. The name of the Villa derives from “The Sigma Plan”,  a project of the Flemish government that should reduce the risk of flooding around the Scheldt and its tributaries.

View from the pond towards the Villa

The client wants to attract passers-by’s attention, without having to compromise on privacy. Therefore we have chosen to give it an overall appearance of a closed volume.Furthermore, it’s a fact that through the choice of a bridge concept, on the one hand an actual connection with the upper historic town center was achieved, and on the other hand it creates a gate-like typology, whereby the house is equipped with a large carport. In one leg you have a connection with the pond and garden. The other one accommodates the daughter’s apartment, opening onto an upper alley.
The overall form is determined not only by emotional choices, but also by technical, structural and organizational aspects.


In between the two legs, the body hovers and cantilevers towards the pond.
Being inside, one experiences continuous transitions from low, wide spaces to towering light shafts.
The extremities are open, yet are provided with large vertical lamellae. 
These guarantee its closed and impenetrable character from certain viewpoints, while offering stunning views towards the park and beyond.


The circulation in the living space winds towards the roof terrace, while becoming a sculpture that guids the light.

World renowned magazine MARK featured "Villa Sigma" on the NOTICE BOARD


 Villa Sigma has been selected as a finalist for

WAF Awards 2017 "Best Building of 2017"


Architecture projects from 68 different countries have been shortlisted for awards at this year's World Architecture Festival.  The winners will be announced in Berlin in November at the  World Architecture Festival 2017.