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OOA | Office O architects is an award-winning multidisciplinary team led by architect/founder Magalie Munters.

OOA | Office O architects provides clients with full architectural service, from design over building permit to the finished project, exterior and interior. We take care of everything from the creative idea and initial concept, through design to the built result. You can take full advantage of our full service or you can rely on our selected services in various aspects of design, development and construction.

"The greatest luxury in architecture, according to us, is not to be found in expensive materials or equipment, but rather in the intangible qualities of the spatial experience."


The designs of OOA are innovative without loosing touch with the roots of architecture: We start from the fundamental principles (structure, context, program, construction,..) and play with the architectural elements (form, space, light,...), sometimes challenging established practices. Spatial perception cannot be underestimated. It can tell the story or create the emotion the architect wants the residents to experience. It taps into the subconscious. We take pride in evolving to master that skill and giving clients more than they expect.

OOA | Office O architects was founded in May 2006.


 ... The graphic form of the letter O comes from the Phoenician letter 'Ayin' or 'Ayn', meaning "eye" . The shape originates simply as a drawing of a human eye, inspired by the corresponding Egyptian hieroglyph. ...

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